According to Google, Matthew is the 13th most common male name in America.


Approximately 1.5 million children in America were named Matthew throughout my birth year (1995), making Matthew the 2nd most popular male baby name of the year after Michael.


So, most refer to me as Decker.

My passion for art and design was ignited at a young age with Legos. I started using 3D software at the age of 15, when I was accepted into a technical program for the second half of high school. 

My interest in architecture visualization blossomed later on in my college career, when a professor had inquired for my assistance in modeling some architectural assets as a freelance artist. I'm now the architecture lead / specialist for Wayfair's cultivative and

ever-growing 3D Visualization department. Over my career at Wayfair I've developed my technical and artistic capabilities, as well as created standards for pipelines surrounding 3D architectural assets. Our team is incredibly talented and we're always raising the bar for 3D quality in the e-commerce world.

I'm also a drummer! It's been a while since I last committed to a band, but I still make time to practice and record.

Check out one of my favorite bands I played in here if you fancy yourself some punk rawk.

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